Phyllis CharlesPhyllis Charles

Education Administrative Clerk and Membership Clerk

Phyllis has been the Education Administrative Clerk for 13 years.  She compiles, verifies and records documents in accordance with established office procedures, education policy and education program schedule.  These duties include receiving post secondary applications, networking with school district regarding student registrations and processing education related correspondence.  She attends the school functions and keeps in touch with Post Secondary institutions for the students that are enrolled in there on a monthly basis.  She monitors to checks attendance and achievements for the students. The Education Administrative Clerk reports to the Band Administrator. As a Membership Clerk (IRA) Phyllis is responsible for keeping accurate registrar records of Beecher Bay membership, processing status cards, and facilitating band membership transfers.  The Membership Clerk liaises with governmental agencies during membership processing.  She oversees Wills and Estates for community members. This is a part time position depending on the requirement and availability needed for thecommunity.  Phyllis is a Niltuo - Board Member.  She has training and certification for IRA - Indian Registration Administrator.  Her aspirations for the community is to make sure there are more graduates and that our community gets involved with employment. Education is important,  and she likes to see community members advance.