Peter CharlesPeter Charles

Village Maintenance Worker

Peter has been the Village Maintenance Worker since 2001.  He carries out routine operation and maintenance duties related to Beecher Bay First Nation requirements for community facilities and assets.  These duties include an up to date inventory of community facilities and assets, schedule of maintenance activities including but not limited to water system testing, waste water requirements as well as snow removal on roads and minor construction repairs.  The Village Maintenance Worker(s) can be up to a full time position and reports to the Band Administrator.  Peter has been part of the following committees; the Section 121 Board, the Lands Committee, and the South Island Wellness Committee.  Peter has taken training in; small water systems, small wastewater systems, hydrant maintenance, cross connections control and HAZMAT (hazardous Materials Management).  He has a certificate for Small Water Systems and Residential Building Maintenance.  His aspirations for the community are more activities and a playground for the kids, and a field to get them out running and away from technology (games).