Louise CharlesLouise Charles

Band Social Development Worker

Louise has been the Band Social Development Worker for 5 years.  She has been working for the Band for 8 years.  The Social Development Works is responsible for the intake of applications for Income Assistance.  She verifies and enters all applications into the system.  She connects community members with Jane from WorkLink.  She has been on the Board of Directors of 121, Community Practice Circle Member (CPC-SIWS), Deputy Electoral Officer, Community Capacity Building Working Group and the South Island Vulnerable Adults Working Group.  She volunteers at community events when she can.  She arranges volunteers for pick up and was the volunteer for the Cobs Bread pick-up.  She has been the contact for Sooke Christmas Bureau and community.  Louise has taken Band Social Development worker training.  She has Level 1A and 2A in Social Development.  She is continually upgrading in Social Development, Conflict and Resolution training, and Excel Training.  She is always willing to learn and upgrade when she's given the opportunity.   Louise has certificates for Module 1, 2 and 3. Her aspirations for the community is independence, community engagement, involvement, and self sufficiency.