Dennis Charles

Te'mexw Treaty Director and Cultural Advisor

Dennis is the Te'mexw Treaty Director and Cultural Advisor for 16 years.  He provides Cultural and Archeological support and advice.  He is a Treaty Cultural Advisor and a Fish and Wildlife advisor.  He volunteers with collection, funeral assistance, and gives counselling support.  Dennis is on the Scianew Community Committee, the Chair Elders Committee,  and the Chair Longhouse Committee as a Chair.  He has taken training at Banff for Strategic Planning, Governance, Conflict Resolution, and Best Business.  His aspirations for the community is seeing the benefits of the development for the future. The young children to benefit by giving them a boost to continue in school, get a better education and become self-sufficient. Attribute to being proud of who they are and where they are from. I want them to thrive. Also, I want them to have outdoor activities such as sports, fishing, and even hunting to get them outside. The Elders to benefit by being taken care of. Many of them want to go out and have other "costs" taken care of.