Bruce CharlesBruce Charles

Lands Monitor

Bruce has been the The Lands Monitor for 3 years, previously he was with Forestry for 10 years.  Bruce is responsible to oversee the wildlife protection and or harvesting on The Sc'ianew (Cheanuh) First Nations’ traditional territory lands and communicating with the public. Largely this position is responsible for conducting activities very similar to that of a conservation officer and also covers a broad range of other tasks and duties as required.  He reports to the Band Administrator.   Bruce has been a part of the Lands Committee, the Wellness Committee and the Task Group.  He has take training for Occupational Level 1, First Aid, Defibrillator – First Aid, Transportation, Security and WCMRC – Spill Response.  He has certificates for WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, Food Safe, MED 3 – Small Non – Pleasure Vessel Basic Safety, SVOP – Small vessel operation proficiency, Flagger, Radio Operator
and Pesticide.  His aspirations for the community is education, priorities, a sense of belonging, pride, respect, and culture. Education to give kids a sense of direction, not handing things to them, enpowering them to achieve things on their own. Be their own boss. Aim high to achieve.