Gordon CharlesGordon Charles


Gordon has the lead role in Housing and Social Development. He also works in the areas of Site Operations and Economic Development.  Gordon has been a long standing member on council for the past 12 years.  Gordon has taken board training and has previously been an Alternate Board Member for the Niltuo Board and is currently on the Lands Advisory Committee.  His  aspirations for the community is to have the development up and running successfully to create employment for the community members, creates self-sufficiency. He continues to advocate for continued education for community members as he would like to see them advance. He stands firm in his belief that the better the education an individual has the better employment and opportunities they will have in the future. In short, education will foster future employment. A clear vision is for Councilor Gordon Charles is to see more independence, and less social development. He is inspired by the development and looks forward to creating more housing for the people of Beecher Bay. In the future Gordaon would like to see soccer fields and gyms so the grandchildren can have some enjoyable activities.