Russell ChippsChief's Message

Chief Russ Chipps  

I am the Chief Councillor of Beecher Bay First Nation and have been in this role for the past twelve consecutive years. As chief I am involved daily in the governance of my nation, business opportunities, and many community initiatives, including education, that will move my community forward in a positive way.

I have lived in Beecher Bay since I was four years old and live with my wife and three children. Prior to becoming Chief I was involved as a councillor and managed the Cheanuh Marina. I am also currently the owner/operator of a company called Nanny Goat Yard Works. 

I always say "Don't ask anyone to do something that you won't do yourself, and don't take people for granted".  People and their views are important. I have a strong voice and say what needs to be said. I do not like prepared speeches because I believe it is much better to speak straight from the heart. I also know when it is time to listen and when it is time to talk. As I move forward in life, I always fully believe in the choices that I make because if you believe in yourself and the people in your community there will always be hope for future.