Bernice MilletteBernice J Millette

Tthani Laat / Bernice J Millette

Scianew (Beecher Bay) First Nation Councillor and Scianew Lands Manager.
In my role as a Council Member of our Nation, I assist in governing our community, alongside our Chief and one other Council Member. Our current Council has retained our positions within the Scianew government since October 2003.

In my role as Lands Manager I help to protect our Lands and Territories from creating Laws to Environmental safety issues, with the help of two staff members and our Lands Management Advisory Committee. I have been working in the Lands Management Office since the early part of 2001. I began in the Lands Department as the Assistant to the Lands Manager.

I am currently on the Te'mexw Treaty Finance Committee and am a Council Rep for Scianew First Nation.
I have been on the Wilnex Committee as Southern representative for Coast Salish Employment and Training.

I have taken advanced skills for Administrative Assistants Level 2, EXCEL Training, Governance Training as well as Life Skills Training.

My goals are to work alongside our Chief and Council to create a safe, self-sustaining community for our younger generations and our future generations to come.